“Choreography and creativity- it’s my matrix; let’s see where we can move.” -Wayne McGregor

Rohan has had an interest in creating dance ever since he started performing. He is very creative and thrives in collaborative environments. Rohan would make up dances to perform at family functions and weddings, but it wasn’t until he started studying at Cawthra Park Secondary School and performing with the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre and Cawthra Park Dance Repertoire, that Rohan developed a good understanding of the choreographic process. Rohan has had several opportunities to choreograph as part of the curriculum in Cawthra Park’s dance program. Rohan has recently started taking choreography quite seriously and has a couple of original pieces under his belt. Rohan draws from things such as media, literature and narrative, interpersonal relationships, current events, and everyday life as inspiration for his choreography.

In Cawthra Park Dance Repertoire, dancers in grades 11 and 12 are given the opportunity to choreograph a piece for the company’s season if they desire. For the company’s 2013/2014 season, Rohan took advantage of this opportunity and choreographed a modern piece called Reminiscence. As per the title, it is about the memories of a single woman who has lost everything in her life and her journey in letting go of the memories in order to move on. This was Rohan’s first choreographic endeavour which he thoroughly enjoyed due to the dancers he had the chance to work with as well as the satisfaction of a meaningful process and result.

In his final year at Cawthra Park, Rohan choreographed a modern piece for Cawthra Park Dance Repertoire’s 2014/2015 season called Rotulae. It is inspired by the Shakespeare play King Lear, and how the figurative “wheel of fortune” has shifted, resulting in the good being punished and the evil being rewarded. The piece illustrates the quest to restore order and power to those who rightfully deserve it. Rohan also collaborated with three other Cawthra Park dance students to create a piece for their final senior dance project called Mosaix. The piece was entitled Checkmate, and it illustrated a conflict between two groups of people using the concept of a game of chess. This piece was made up of a large cast of artists, some with plenty of dance training and some with none. The process for this was quite extensive, and the final product was extremely rewarding.

Rohan recently returned to Cawthra Park as an alumni to be the assistant choreographer for their musical productions of Hairspray (2015) and Guys and Dolls (2016). He also had the opportunity to return to Cawthra Park Dance Repertoire as a guest choreographer. He collaborated with a fellow Cawthra Park classmate/alumni Nicole Davis, who is currently studying dance in New York City, to develop and set a modern piece called Diverge on the company for their 2016/2017 season.

Rohan’s most recent choreographic venture was a part of the curriculum in the Honours Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance program at Sheridan College. His Creative Dance Project was an extensive, semester-long endeavour and was Rohan’s first time directing an in-depth research and development process. The piece that came out at the end of this process is entitled Afloat in the Aftermath and drew inspiration from recent headlines and current events.

You can watch clips and full videos of these pieces in the Gallery and Blog pages.